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Are you racing home each night from a job that you are not passionate about, struggling to make it to the gym, make lunches, do laundry and find five minutes to yourself?

Are you crashing in front of the TV with a glass of wine trying to ignore the voice in your head asking "Is this all there is?"

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Even surrounded by others, do you still feel alone?

It feels like you have everything you could ask for: food on the table, a family that means the world to you, good friends, a home you’ve lovingly created.

And something is still missing.  The days feel gray, lacking in colour.  Nothing is wrong, but something isn’t right. There's a spark that isn't there.

You’ve created a life that looks good on the outside.

Now it’s time to create a life that feels good on the inside.


Come create the life you want to live everydayJoin LifeClass - Passion, Purpose & Possibilities

LifeClass is a workshop for women just like you, women who are strong, can do anything they put their minds to, are funny and kind, nurturing and want to learn to fully appreciate all those wonderful qualities about themselves.

LifeClass is a workshop for you if you’ve decided that good enough isn’t good enough anymore, you don’t want survival, you want to thrive.  You want thrival!  And you know it’s possible.

We’ve created LifeClass to be a safe, playful and intimate place for you to create the story you want to live, speak your dreams, realize what really matters to you and start to figure out how to live everyday like that.


In LifeClass, you'll:

  • learn how to get yourself “unstuck”
  • learn out how to stop letting worry and anxiety keep you from doing the things you love
  • learn to stop comparing yourself to others
  • discover your passion, your values, start to feel more confident and balanced
  • connect deeply with other women, share experiences, celebrate success and support each other


Let LifeClass start you on your journey to creating a life of fun, joy and meaning.

I always thought of myself as a bit of a coward, but after working with Valerie, I haven’t been as afraid to try new things, take a risk. I’m doing things I never thought I’d have the courage to do. - Deb D.


  • Six (6) group LifeClass sessions – each week we will come together to explore a topic. Each session will be a little different, incorporating coaching, group exercises, discussion and time for individuals to share with the group.
  • A small, intimate group where everyone will have a chance to share.
  • One “Kickstart” telephone session, to be completed prior to the first session, designed to help us learn more about you and what you are looking for out of LifeClass.
  • Email coaching support along the way. We are here if you need us.
  • A private (and only visible to class members) Facebook group for you to connect and interact with your fellow LifeClass members in between sessions.
  • One telephone coaching session with either Valerie or Jen, to be taken at any time during the program or up to four weeks after the completion of LifeClass. Keep this in your back pocket as something to use when something particularly tough comes up, you missed a session and want to catch up with what you missed, or you are in need of extra encouragement or support. ($150 value)
  • Surprise BONUS material!
I highly recommend Jen. She has a calm, yet reassuring way of allowing me to express my feelings and concerns without feeling any judgment. Jen has a way of seeing the strengths inside of me so that I can see them too. - Kim H., Senior Communications Specialist

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Your facilitators - Jen Bodenham and Valerie Liberty

Jennifer is a corporate HR gal turned Life and Career Coach. Jen stepped out of the corporate arena when she felt inspired to support people in unleashing their purpose and taking action to achieve it! Her corporate experience, when coupled with a passion for coaching, leadership development and facilitation, empowers you to create your most fulfilling career and life.

By working with you to find a role that supports and balances your personal life, you will find a path where you feel productive and valued. Trained by one of the most prestigious coaching schools, CTI, and with passion and enthusiasm, Jen will quickly take you out of your comfort zone in a safe and supportive way. She believes anything is possible with a little hard work and a new perspective!

Valerie is committed to helping people fall in love with themselves and own their personal power and passion. With a warm smile, a quick laugh and a confident edge, she is a woman of compassion with a nurturing presence. Trading in 25 years work in the world of accounting, tax and finance to become a certified life coach, Valerie brings a down to earth logic and common sense to her coaching while putting her innate sense of clarity and kindness towards creating safe spaces for transformative growth.

A quiet soul-seeker with an adventurous spirit, Valerie fiercely holds and champions the aliveness, self-worth and unlimited potential in all her clients. Her deepest joy is to cultivate the profound love and fulfilment that comes with letting our souls shine freely in the world.

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